November 21 2000
For Belgium, the new century has opened on a hopeful note. The country, long an economic laggard in the European Union, is growing strongly, with consumer and business confidence high and unemployment below the average of the euro-zone. Its six party "rainbow" coalition government - made up of the Liberal, Green and Socialist parties of the French and Flemish speaking communities - has launched a bold programme of social, tax and administrative reforms to ensure that the current strong growth is sustained.
Government Rainbow coalition - young, bold, and radical
New found prosperity frees state to cut taxes
State assets groomed for sale
Politics Transforming zeal of technocrat and idealist
Little voice belts out across the world stage
Right-wing Blok threatens spirit of unity
Industry Liberalisation is taking too long
New life abroad for niche products
Business Three goes into one exchange
Index stripped of big guns
Harbour earns hub status
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