December 13 2000
Greece's arrival in the euro-zone on January 1 marks the opening of a new era. For a country that has lagged behind its European Union partners for the past two decades, winning a place alongside the 11 founder-members of the single currency is a considerable achievement. In spite of the euro's weakness, opinion polls show some 70 per cent of Greeks are in favour of joining the single currency. There is little debate about giving up the drachma; Europe's second-oldest currency is linked in Greek minds with economic and political backwardness.
Overview Confidence is high as the euro beckons
Athens lines up a smooth entry to the EU
Banking and Markets Markets: Turnover yet to recover from big fall
Battle for market share takes toll on earnings
Profile: Black Sea Trade and Development Bank
Business Turkish markets hold risk appeal
Tourism: Seeking some more 'class'
Where Olympic eyes will focus
Delta Dairies: Slowly, slowly path to profit
Agean Airlines: Smooth flight to quality, loyalty
Shipping Ocean Shipping: Order books for tankers enjoying a boom
Coastal Shipping: Aegean market set for some freedom
Minister of Merchant Marine: Modernisation is the priority
Society E-commerce is still in its infancy
Deregulation: Investors will need some convincing
Immigration: Swelling numbers change attitudes
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