December 14 2000
Two weeks ago, a new Mexico came of age with the inauguration of Vicente Fox as president. It is a place abuzz with expectations where the tired certainties of 71 years of one-party rule are being left behind. "Wake up, Mexico!" Mr Fox boomed as he barnstormed the country before his election in July, goading voters out of a lethargy that had helped to preserve the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) in power since 1929.
Overview New era dawns with great expectations
Competitiveness is vital
Economy Putting 'missed' chances behind
Rate of growth moves up a gear
Tax: A system that needs some simplifying
Politics Congress sheds a dormant role
President Vicente Fox's leading ministers
Industry Agriculture: Funds for farmers needed for future
Technology: Guadalajara takes high-tech route
Society Regional Development: The central states dominate the action
Poverty: An improvement but not by much
Microcredit: Loan 'club' is a useful model
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