The Netherlands
November 14 2000
The west's most densely populated country must seek its fortune abroad while at home trying to ensure the optimal use of scarce space. Next month sees the publication of a long-awaited policy document on spatial planning. The memorandum comes as signs grow that the country is struggling to juggle the demands of business with the living needs of its population. This struggle is set to continue as this year Dutch business is forecasting bumper profits as companies benefit from domestic consumer demand.
Overview Embarking in 2001 on a space odyssey
Search goes on for the 13th province
Government Revolving-door culture on way out
State funds will be the next test
Clever qualities may not easily persuade voters
Business An ISP like no other: World Online
Barges lead the drive for logistical services
Executive decisions at the click of a mouse
City Profiles Rotterdam: Port holds the key to city's heart
Amsterdam: City feels strain of mixing old with new
Society University reforms gain momentum
Integrity of design influences policy
A struggle to live up to aspirations