South Korea
October 19 2000
It is fitting that at the turn of the millennium, a new Korea is emerging from the old. The historic summit meeting between South and North Korea in June holds the promise of ending military tensions that have split the Korean peninsula since 1945 and of ushering in a period of peaceful co-existence leading to eventual reunification.
Politics Cold war's last frontier is thawing
Trouble on the home front
The man who would be president
Detente could unsettle balance of power
Economy First step across the barricades
Slowdown forecast next year
Business Sluggish pace of reform persists
Perspective comes from distance
Push towards clear, clean management
Industry State comes to the rescue
Shrugging off a confidence crisis
More trouble on the road ahead
Information Technology New economy outstrips the old
A regional leader for dotcoms
Online Cupid for investors